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The Christmas event has begun!
The new year is coming, and in the old year, thank you for growing up with OBEE.
In order to thank the loyal fans of OBEE! Let’s choose the country/region that sends the most Christmas gifts!

Activity time: 2020.12.25–2020.12.28

Christmas gift: OBEE member users comment on your country and Obee network account on Twitter. According to the number of member users, we will choose the first three countries! (Please specify when you comment: you are a member)

Reward details: The number one country selected 8 active members to provide Christmas gifts worth $50
The second-ranked country/region selects 3 active member users, and each user gets 3000 OBEE
The third-ranked country chooses 1 active member user to give 1000…

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product technologies

  1. The social platform fixes the daily abnormal issue of OBEE points
  2. Newly added social platform users can get daily OBEE points display function
  3. Add a friend gift system on social platforms
  4. New member type and member time display function on social platforms
  5. Newly added mass mailing system on social platforms

Community operation

  1. Obee Network newly added overseas communities such as Bangladesh, France and Russia
  2. OBEE && Hoo held OBEE earning activities
  3. Obee Network held the first registration invitation and airdrop event
  4. Obee Network newly opened youtube and facebook official media accounts
  5. Obee Network has reached cooperation with GoblinSwap, EarHart and DINFT project parties to enter the social platform and create a column

Obee Network is a social product for ordinary users to experience blockchain technology. Obee Network can share your fun anytime and anywhere.

Official website:

Social website:

Telegram group:

Obee Network’s weekly points ranking activity is hotly launched!

As long as users who have registered on the social platform of Obee Network, they can participate in the weekly points ranking activities of social networking sites.

Up to 5000 OBEE value prizes can be won!

Activity time: December 3, 2020 ~ December 10, 2020

Activity form: Users get OBEE by likes, posts, blogs, and comments, and finally rewards are distributed according to the points ranking.

Reward rules:

Ranked 1st~3rd in weekly points, get 5000 OBEE reward
Ranked 4th to 8th in weekly points and won 3000 OBEE rewards
Ranked 9th to 15th in weekly points, get 1000 OBEE…

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Obee Network invites registered friends to start! Invite friends to register to get 50 OBEE, and 100,000 OBEE awards are being issued! ! !

Dear Obee Network users:

In order to promote a richer and more diversified social platform, Obee Network decided to launch a popular event that invites registration and rewards.

Reward details:

Registration rewards: By inviting newcomers to register on the Obee Network social platform, they can get 50 OBEE worth of rewards. The more invitations, the more rewards stack up. Inviting users can continue to get OBEE rewards by posting, commenting, and liking.

Invite Ranking Award: The user who invites the largest number of people can win a great prize of 19999. The user who invites the first (a total of one) will get 19999 OBEE, the second (two in total) will get 9999 OBEE, the third (three in total) will get 5999 OBEE, and the 4th-20th will get 2000 OBEE, the 21st~60th place will get 800 OBEE. …

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Celebrate Double Eleven, 24 hours of carnival!
In order to thank the many coin friends for their strong support to OBEE, recharge members can enjoy a 10% discount during the event!
Missed to wait another year!

Star-rated users only need to recharge 72,000 OBEE to enjoy up to 5,000 OBEE daily!
Advanced members only need to recharge 225,000 OBEE and can enjoy up to 8,000 OBEE daily!
Ultimate members only need to recharge 540,000 OBEE, and can enjoy up to 12,000 OBEE daily!
SVIP members only need to pledge 1,800,000 OBEE, and the pledge does not consume any handling fees. …

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At 14:00 on November 6th, CoinVoice&FDEX jointly launched “FDEX Live Room” and invited Obee Network co-founder SingHwang to be a guest in the live room to discuss how Obee Network can break the imbalance of centralized revenue. The following is the full text of the sharing:

Sammi: Can you briefly introduce the Obee Network project in easy-to-understand terms?

Sing: Okay, Obee Network is committed to the first product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain social network. We use incentive mining as the underlying support to distribute the revenue of the content platform to the Obee Network platform article creators and Participants, break the status quo that facebook, twitter, etc. …

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  1. Take a screenshot of the OBEE holdings on the Hoo exchange. The net purchase needs to be greater than or equal to 300,000 OBEE. The screenshot of the OBEE holdings and user nicknames are used to verify whether the user has successfully participated in the activity. The tutorial is here, so the mosaic is displayed, and the user cannot upload Need to mosaic .

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1.截屏在Hoo 交易所的OBEE 持仓,净买入需大于等于30万 OBEE, 截屏OBEE 持有量用户昵称,用于验证用户参与活动是否成功,这里做教程 所以打了马赛克,用户上传不需要打马赛克。

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Obee Network will start “SVIP pledge income mining” on October 25. As an incentive mining platform, Obee Network distributes rights and interests to users, breaking facebook, twitter cannot give creators benefits, allowing users to get their own contribution benefits.

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Due to the strategic adjustment and layout of the Obee Network project, the team was under a lot of pressure when converting ERC-20 tokens. Therefore, the Obee Network team decided to suspend OBEE mining on the NULS POCM platform.

OBEE will be officially removed from the NULS POCM platform at 10:30 am (UTC+8) on October 24, 2020. At the same time, NULS pledged on the POCM platform will automatically return to your address, and OBEE rewards will be sent to your address.


Obee Network

A social product dedicated to ordinary users entering the blockchain: Product:https : //

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