Basic requirements and salary rules for community leaders

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  1. Have your own community with more than 500 people and most active users;
  2. The ability to convey official Obee Network news and event promotion, and organize community events.
  3. To be able to guide community members to use Obee related products, understand the Obee product incentive model, and guide ordinary users to upgrade to member users.
  4. Must have strong marketing capabilities and vigorously promote Obee Network members
  5. Basic salary:
    (1) 300 USDT per month
  6. Salary payment time:
    (1) Pay salary after one month of work
  7. KPI setting for this month:
    (1) Member promotion, at least 5 member users are required to promote each month. If the KPI is not completed, no salary will be paid.
  8. Member promotion rewards:
    (1) Member users generated through their own invitation link will reward the inviter with 10% OBEE. If the invitation is successful, the reward will be automatically credited to the social platform account.
    Example: If a user purchases a member worth 400,000 OBEE, the inviter can get a 10% OBEE reward, the amount is 40,000 OBEE.
    (2) Member promotion rewards, there is no limit to the number of promotion people, and the rewards are not capped. If the number of promotion people reaches 10 people, an additional reward of 30,000 OBEE will be awarded. If the number of promotion people reaches 20 people, an additional reward of 100,000 OBEE will be awarded. An additional bonus of 500,000 OBEE.

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