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At 14:00 on November 6th, CoinVoice&FDEX jointly launched “FDEX Live Room” and invited Obee Network co-founder SingHwang to be a guest in the live room to discuss how Obee Network can break the imbalance of centralized revenue. The following is the full text of the sharing:

Sammi: Can you briefly introduce the Obee Network project in easy-to-understand terms?

Sing: Okay, Obee Network is committed to the first product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain social network. We use incentive mining as the underlying support to distribute the revenue of the content platform to the Obee Network platform article creators and Participants, break the status quo that facebook, twitter, etc. cannot distribute contributors’ income, so that users can get their own contribution income, and realize the landing of decentralized applications.

Our team is determined to let users watch global user creations, forums, hot posts, applications and movies on Obee Network. Let social without boundaries, you can share wonderful moments with other users anytime, anywhere.

The design of the product is now quite complete. Friends can register their Obee Network account to find topics of interest to them. Of course, they will also get OBEE tokens when participating in platform activities. Through the proof of contribution, the more friends use the product, Publish articles, the more benefits you get.

Sammi: How does Obee Network compare to other network platforms, and what achievements has it made so far?

Sing: Compared to other products, I feel that Obee Network still has many advantages.

First of all, you can compare the content platforms in the blockchain industry. It can be found that Obee Network first realized a landing project. We have our own products and our own complete ecology. Many projects with the same concept are often based on conceptual concepts. There is also a more important point. Although Obee Network is a content social platform, our development is more diversified. Our source content platform, but the service concept and product planning are higher than ordinary content platforms, such as: When enriching the use of products by users, we will also settle in more project parties, media enter our content platform to increase the interaction between these media and projects, and the Obee Network product positioning is the first social product serving ordinary users. We do not There will be restrictions on the service objects and service scope of the product. On the Obee Network platform, you can see many practitioners in the foreign blockchain industry, or users outside other industries.

In comparison with the entire content social platform, the most notable feature of Obee Network is to benefit users themselves. For example: You create a very popular article on facebook and twitter, which attracts many people’s attention and attracts a large number of users for the product. However, platforms such as facebook and twitter cannot currently rely on blockchain technology to give profits to the article. The creators and users have created huge profits for the platform, but they have not received the benefits they deserve. This is obviously unreasonable.

The current achievements of Obee Network are also quite remarkable. From the establishment of our project to the present, the team has been working very hard. We have achieved good development in technical products and community operations.

From a technical point of view, now we have created a complete ecosystem. We have web-side applications, android apps have been launched, and now the product has opened erc20 OBEE mining, the more you use our products, the more you will get Many OBEE, our product design is perfect.

From a community perspective, we currently have relatively large communities at home and abroad. Our previous plan was to focus on overseas markets. At present, we already have Arab, Iranian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Bangladeshi, and Malaysian communities abroad. National users also comment on Obee Network quite well, so that we have a good reputation and supporters abroad.

In the future, when we increase our overseas market promotion, we will also expand the domestic market simultaneously to realize that Obee Network is used by users in the industry.

Sammi: How can users get OBEE, and what are the current application scenarios?

Sing: At present, OBEE can be traded in Hufu and Uniswap, and users can get OBEE benefits by creating their own articles on Obee Network, or participating in comments and likes.

When it comes to the application scenarios of OBEE, I have to mention the advertising column on Obee Network and the membership mechanism for mining.

At present, Obee Network also has a large number of users, mainly overseas, allowing any user and project media to create their own advertisements and columns on the platform. Now the creation of columns is free and you can create them without consuming OBEE, but on Obee Network When creating an advertisement, you can choose to consume your own OBEE through the number of impressions or click-through rate when enjoying the advertising revenue, but at the same time enjoy the high degree of exposure of the article.

Some time ago, we upgraded and completed the membership mining system. Member users can get their own exclusive benefits. There are currently four main types of users on Obee Network, namely ordinary users, advanced members, ultimate members, and SVIP members. As long as the users registered on the Obee Network website are ordinary users at the beginning, member users need to consume OBEE to purchase or pledge OBEE to obtain. Here is an OBEE rate of return, which introduces the benefits of each member.

Three kinds of members correspond to different OBEE caps, among which star, advanced, ultimate, SVIP members correspond to the daily limit of 5000, 8000, 12000, 5000 OBEE means the maximum number of OBEE can be obtained every day, and the first three need to be consumed respectively. Obtain 8w, 25w, 60w OBEE, of which SVIP needs to be obtained by staking 200 OBEE and enjoy the income of staking mining.

For example, if a user is upgraded to the first star-rated subscriber, he needs to transfer 0xC3d77Cc7A31BB66eFc3EA6E34571A27152F2448D to this address to transfer 80,000 OBEE. After becoming a star member, he can get up to 5000 OBEE by posting articles, likes, and comments every day. If it takes one month, he will get up to 150,000 OBEE and a net income of 70,000 OBEE. This income is also considerable now.

Sammi: Why did OBEE choose to launch DEX at the time, and what do you think of decentralized exchanges?

Sing: As we all know, the defi concept is still very popular now. One of the most popular applications of the defi concept is DEX, which is equivalent to the logo of defi. Representative examples include Uniswap, Justwap, Tokenlon, Compound, etc.

For example: Uniswap, which we chose to go online before, is also one of the most popular decentralized exchanges recently. It is worth mentioning that at the beginning, our focus was on Uniswap. The peak 24-hour trading volume exceeded 100w USDT, and the number of transactions exceeded 600 transactions in 24 hours. At that time, Uniswap was also quite high. There were few transactions and transaction volumes that reached the project.

Uniswap is a token exchange protocol based on Ethereum. It is decentralized, not only different from traditional exchanges, but also from ordinary decentralized exchanges. Uniswap is a set of contracts deployed on the Ethereum network, and all transactions are performed on the chain. On Uniswap, we do not need a dedicated market-making team to disrupt the market. Everyone has the opportunity to inject capital and act as a market-making team.

Of course, users can also add trading pairs by themselves and also calculate market makers, which can also earn a good fee. Relatively speaking, users do not need to take too much risk. We have previously given OBEE rewards to friends who OBEE does liquidity on Uniswap.

Combining with the development of the entire industry, DEX is bound to be a trend. It makes data and data more transparent. There is no exchange, and there are other cheating phenomena by the project party. The data is transparent to users. It is also in line with our development plan to break the imbalance of centralization revenue and give the content to all contributors.

Sammi: How should OBEE’s contribution mining users participate? What kind of benefits can it bring to users?

Anyone can participate in OBEE contribution mining, as long as they are registered users of the Obee Network platform. Contribution values are generated through contribution factors. At present, the main contribution factors of Obee Network include “Create Article”, “Post Blog”, “Comment”, “Like”, and “Reflect”. The contribution factor will determine the size of the user’s contribution value. As an incentive method, member users can obtain a higher contribution value to better coordinate the development of this incentive method.

At present, according to the statistical results, we will publish a profit rate table at regular intervals for each type of user’s profit rate. You can intuitively view the price of each member and the daily income.

Sammi: Regarding the popular defi concept, is this idea reflected in Obee Network products?

Sing: Of course, this is reflected. We are also studying and grasping all the trends of the blockchain. Combined with the characteristics of the industry, we have also made product designs more complete and creative. For example: SVIP pledge mining is a good example of this. It allows any user to pledge OBEE, and then obtain contribution mining income, and can return the pledge OBEE at any time.

We give the benefits to users, which also reflects this very well. One of our Arab users said to me in a chat: “it is DEFI’s strongest OBEE project.”, I feel that our product is like this, it is no exaggeration to say that facebook, twitter and other content social products, there is no way Give the benefits directly to the users, but we did it.

Sammi: OBEE’s exchange listing plan is more biased towards CEX or DEX?

Sing: We have now launched all Uniswap and Tiger Symbols. One is the leader of decentralized exchanges, and the other is the leader of defi hotspots, but we will not say that it is obviously biased towards CEX or DEX, because at present they have their own characteristics, although there are many DEX It is popular, but contract loopholes are not without problems.

This is the information of OBEE on CoinGecko and the contract address of OBEE. Friends can search for the OBEE contract address on Uniswap.

CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/obee-network

OBEE on Uniswap: https://uniswap.info/pair/0x11972cfbc3065da1238d1f34181ae6a726b1c651

OBEE Token contract: 0x3678d8CC9Eb08875A3720f34c1C8d1e1B31F5A11

Sammi: What is the strategic layout of Obee Network in the future?

Sing: We have basically completed some of the initial plans of Obee Network, and we have accumulated a certain amount of products and markets.

In terms of products, currently our web and Android APP are available for everyone to use, and everyone can participate in the platform’s contribution mining. In the future, more application value and circulation methods of OBEE will be added. For example, we will create a column designed to consume OBEE. At the same time, modules such as games and stores will also be used by OBEE, making OBEE more gameplay and practical use value.

In the market, our OBEE also has a landing. Now there are many blockchain industry users, non-blockchain industry users, domestic users, and foreign users on our platform. Our advertising services have also been opened, allowing any user Publish advertisements by consuming OBEE to promote their own event products, and currently we also support to collect rewards through OBEE on Obee Network platform. In the future planning, we will connect with more project parties, media platforms will be stationed on our social networking sites to share more content and industry news with you. At the same time, we will also dock with some game companies stationed on platforms and shops, allowing users to directly Use OBEE to consume.

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