Obee Network Christmas Gifts

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The Christmas event has begun!
The new year is coming, and in the old year, thank you for growing up with OBEE.
In order to thank the loyal fans of OBEE! Let’s choose the country/region that sends the most Christmas gifts!

Activity time: 2020.12.25–2020.12.28

Christmas gift: OBEE member users comment on your country and Obee network account on Twitter. According to the number of member users, we will choose the first three countries! (Please specify when you comment: you are a member)

Reward details: The number one country selected 8 active members to provide Christmas gifts worth $50
The second-ranked country/region selects 3 active member users, and each user gets 3000 OBEE
The third-ranked country chooses 1 active member user to give 1000 OBEE

Twitter sharing: Follow the official Twitter of Obee Network, participate in the comments and repost, you will get 100 OBEE rewards

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