Volunteer salary adjustment and KPI setting

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In order to promote the long-term and stable development of ObeeNetwork, we have recently made adjustments to member incentives. Different types of members will have different incentive benefits. The member user rate of return is more than 80%. At the same time, in order to cater to the development of the membership promotion market, we have to volunteer The salary of volunteers is adjusted, and KPI requirements are set for volunteers.

1. The salary changes are as follows:
(1) Since we have greatly increased the incentives for member users, we have decided to cancel the SVIP membership of volunteers. Volunteers can purchase their own members and enjoy internal preferential prices.
(2) If volunteers complete the KPI requirements every month, they can get the corresponding salary every month.

At the same time, for better division of labor, we will clarify the responsibilities of volunteers and divide them into three categories
(1) Operation volunteers
The main responsibilities of operation volunteers are to manage the community, publicize projects, publicize and distribute news, organize morning papers, etc. If they have strong ability, they can also organize their own activities, and the project party will provide financial support.
(2) Technical volunteers
Technical volunteers are mainly responsible for designing event posters, UI design, etc. If volunteers have programming skills, they can also participate in the development and maintenance of project codes.
(3) Member promotion volunteers
The responsibility of membership promotion volunteers is to vigorously promote members of social networking sites.

2. The KPI and salary settings of operational volunteers are as follows:
(1) Operating volunteer KPI
This month needs to manage the community, publicize projects, organize morning papers, organize activities and other behavioral activities, and need to summarize the work on the 1st and 15th of each month, sum up the labor results and experience of the half month, and publish them on social networking sites Volunteer column, volunteers who have not summarized will be dismissed.
(2) Salary setting
After completing the KPI, 200 RMB salary will be issued. If the KPI is not completed, no salary will be issued.

3. The KPI and salary settings for member promotion volunteers are as follows:
(1) Member promotion volunteer KPI
Volunteers need to promote 2 members per month.
PS: Member promotion rewards:
i. Member users generated through their own invitation link will reward the inviter with 10% OBEE. If the invitation is successful, the system will automatically credit the reward to the social platform account.
Eg: If a user purchases a member worth 80,000 OBEE, the inviter can get a 10% OBEE reward, the amount is 8,000 OBEE.
ii. Member promotion rewards, there is no limit to the number of promotion people, and the rewards are not capped. If the number of promotion people reaches 10 people, an additional reward of 30,000 OBEE will be awarded, if the number of promotion people reaches 20 people, an additional reward of 100,000 OBEE will be awarded, and if the number of promotion people reaches 50 people, an additional reward will be given Reward 500000 OBEE.

(2) Salary setting
Complete KPI, pay 500 RMB salary, if KPI is not completed, no salary will be issued.

ps. The reason for the special adjustment is to better adapt to the development of the market. We hope that volunteer partners will give recognition and support

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